Foremost Acceptable Use Policy

ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY This Acceptable Use Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) is intended to minimize potential harm to Foremost and Foremost users as well as preserve internet resources. All users of Foremost internet services are required to be familiar with, understand, and accept this Policy. Foremost internet services may not be utilized for any use which constitutes or may constitute a violation of local, state, national, or international law, regulation, or treaty. Further, Foremost strictly prohibits any violation of accepted internet policy, whether deliberate or accidental, including, but not limited to: • unauthorized or illegal accessing of computers or networks, whether or not damage is caused; • deliberate distribution of computer viruses or other destructive software technologies such as worms, trojan horses, and/or e-mail bombs, among others; • e-mail spamming, including any unsolicited mass e-mailings or postings; • harassment of others by email or any other method using the internet; • distribution of information restricted by local, state, federal, or international government; • defamation and/or false statements about others; • distribution of obscene speech, images, or other materials; • unauthorized copying and/or distribution of copyrighted materials, including, but not limited to, the display of graphics or text on one’s own web page without the express permission of the creators of such materials. Users of Foremost internet service shall be solely responsible for securing any necessary authorizations, clearances, or consents with respect to proprietary information transmitted over the Foremost network. Sharing or reselling Foremost internet service, whether or not such person or entities are charged for their use of the service, is a violation of this Policy and will be considered theft of service. Users of Foremost internet service shall be liable for all content transmitted or published through such internet service, regardless of whether said transmissions or publications were made with or without the User’s permission or knowledge. Foremost may suspend service, or terminate or restrict any transmission over the network if, in its judgment, such actions are reasonably appropriate to avoid violation of applicable law, or if there is a reasonable risk that criminal, civil, or administrative proceedings or investigations based upon the transmission contents will be instituted against Foremost. If a user’s webpage is hosted on Foremost servers and is deemed to be illegal, obscene, inappropriate, harmful, or disruptive, then Foremost may suspend access to such page until such user removes or changes the page.